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The Greatest Media Clasroom: The Story of WJPZ

"Greatest Media Classroom" is the definitive history of WJPZ radio, the most inspired, successful and storied of America's college radio stations.

Through historical images, air checks and new interviews with key figures in station history, the documentary reveals why WJPZ was the formative training ground for thousands of media professionals. The film also illustrates why WJPZ was an institutional power throughout central New York and a well-known brand in the broadcast industry.

The 30-minute film includes rare audio artifacts from WJPZ's history and tells the unique story of a radio station built by hand and honored generations later by members of the US Congress for its impact and influence on generations of broadcasters.

"Greatest Media Classroom" is narrated by WJPZ alumnus Stacey Simms. Visit -

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